Making Memories of Sweetness Premium Set Lv.2 Dalgona Maker

Making Memories of Sweetness Premium Set Lv.2

The ladle gets bigger and the shape becomes harder and more fun!
-100% copper ladle that is not harmful to the body
-Airplane, car, dinosaur, crown, poop => 5 shapes

Making sweets
Prepare a set of sugar, soda, wooden chopsticks, and making.
After lighting the jelly fuel, add about 5 teaspoons of sugar to the copper ladle.
Stir quickly using wooden chopsticks (unless stirring, sugar will burn).
After the sugar has melted, dip the soda 2-3 times with wooden chopsticks and stir quickly.
Sprinkle enough sugar on the base plate and pour sweetener on it.
Cool the hot dalgona for 45 to 50 seconds and press it with a pressure plate.
(Sprinkle with sugar and press, it will not stick well.)
Press once more with the desired shape on the flattened dalgona, and then push the dalgona with a chisel to remove it.

<How to clean the ladle sticks sweet or neatly>
Put water in a ladle and boil. After boiling,
stir gently with chopsticks and discard the water to cleanly remove the sweetness.