[Makeup Food] Nourishing Bio Collagen Vita Fiber Serum Set 15ml+40mg Moisturizing


Moisture Bomb Collagen Moist Serum for My Skin

Clues to solve skin problems

Moisturizing Vita Fiber Serum

-Patented fiber technology absorbs nutrients into the skin and boasts excellent moisture supply.

(Fiber + Human Concentrated Serum in Solid Form with Active Ingredients Spun)

-6 kinds of vegetable extracts make the skin transparent and healthy with reliable ingredients.

-Moisturizing and lifting are maintained steadily over time, not temporary moisture supply.

-50% collagen

-40% hyaluronic acid

-Phytochemical: Red pigment of tomato. Carotenoid pigment with strong antioxidant effect.

It is recommended for such skin.

Dry skin no matter what product you try

Sensitive skin after traveling or outdoors

Skin with poor color makeup

Trouble or dull skin

How to use

1. Carefully open the lids of both serums.

2.Vita serum alone or poured into Vita Fiber Serum.

3. Close the cap with the dropper bottle and shake it more than 30 times.

4. After checking that the fiber is melted, take an appropriate amount with the eyedropper and apply it to the skin.