Makeprem Tangja C Blemish Serum 40ml Intensively cares for blemishes,spots,freckles

Tangja C Blemish Serum 40ml

Blemish care serum that intensively cares for blemishes, spots,
and freckles by containing more than 66% of Tangja extract and vitamin C derivatives
It has a moist and refreshing texture that pops out of moisture and is gently absorbed into the skin to give a smooth skin texture.
Contains niacinamide, arbutin, and tranexamic acid to clear and clear the dull skin.
Non-watery yellow elasticity ampoule + 5-layer ceramide for skin moisturizing + whitening functional alpha-bisabolol
Highly concentrated Cica cream that strengthens the skin barrier with fermented lactic acid bacteria
No artificial fragrance added
Skin irritation test completed
No skin care ingredients added

[How to use]
Pump an appropriate amount and gently absorb it into the skin.