[Maeil]Yomiyomi TeunTeun Serial Sweet Potato/Banana 100g x 3/6Bags Baby sweets Serial for kids

TeunTeun Serial Sweet Potato/Banana 100g

Three kinds of domestic grains and child-specific cereals made for healthy children
-3 kinds of domestic organic grains
(Organic Brown Rice + Organic Barley + Organic Rice)
-No fragrance, no color added
-A nutritious snack containing calcium, iron, zinc and 8 vitamins
-Safe cap for convenient use
-It was made small and soft to make it easy for the child to plant.
-In consideration of the child's taste development, the sugar content was reduced by 50%.
** If you take 20g of healthy cereal and 125ml of milk together, you will have 5.2g of protein,
8 kinds of vitamins, 215mg of calcium, iron, zinc, and other nutrients necessary for growth in one bowl!