[Maeil] Yomiyomi Organic Rice Cracker 30g x 3/6/10EA Nutritious Snack with Nature/ From 1 year old


[Maeil] Yomiyomi Organic Rice Cracker 30g
Nutritious Snack with Nature

* More than 99% organic content, only Korean ingredients are used.
* A snack that melts in your mouth made from rice cakes instead of frying in oil
* No flour, sugar, salt, oil, and flavor! No flow treatment!

4 Flavors

-Brown rice and barley
Organic Rice + Brown Rice + Barley
With organic brown rice full of dietary fiber and organic barley with excellent taste!
-Apples and carrots
Apple + Carrot + Organic Rice
Delicious apples and carrots with fragrant aroma and fine bites!
-Purple sweet potato and lotus root
Organic Rice + Purple Sweet Potato + Lotus Root
With a purple sweet potato and a light-tasting lotus root with a subtle taste!
-Spinach and broccoli
Broccoli + Spinach + Organic Rice
Broccoli, full of nutritious vegetables, spinach and blossoms.