[M℃] Skin Pore Primer 15g For Man All skin ,Oil-free type zero grease, stickiness

M℃ Skin Pore Primer 15g
For all skin

Smooth porcelain skin appearance
-Acne traces, skin preparation, primer for men
-Oil-free type, zero grease, stickiness
-Must be recommended before using sun cream or BB cream
It effectively covers wrinkles and large pores to express smooth and soft skin like porcelain.
It contains sebum control powder, so it can control T zone and areas with a lot of sebum to create clean skin without greasyness.
In addition, it is a product that does not contain any oil and makes the skin soft and dry.

[Recommended for these people.]

-Those who want to cover skin defects such as wide pores and uneven skin texture
-Those who need sebum management during makeup due to excessive sebum secretion
-Those who have rough skin and have a feeling of excitement when applying BB cream, sun cream, etc.
-People who want to express smooth skin texture without lifting during makeup

[How to use]

After using skin or lotion, apply a small amount evenly to areas with large pores and wrinkles such as T zone and nose.
Due to the nature of the silicone gel, if it is not spread evenly, it may cause slippage.
It is more effective if you use it before using sunscreen or BB cream.