[M℃] Pride Care Strong Wash 100ml Topical Male Cleanser Gel Protects Skin From itchiness


M℃ Pride Care & Strong Wash 100ml

Refreshing with strong cooling power Clean with soft cleaning power~
-Safe secret zone care from itchiness and unpleasant odor at a pH close to the skin
-Enhanced cooling effect: Contains natural herbal ingredients such as licorice, centella,
and gold to protect delicate skin, and has excellent soothing and astringent effects to make healthy skin.

[How to use]
Wet water on the topical area and then take an appropriate amount (about 2-3 times of pump) on the palm.
Gently massage the local area with a foam. (For sensitive skin, use after foaming from the palm.)
Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water so that no residue remains.
(If you rinse with cold water, the refreshing feeling will double. Be careful as it may be irritating.)