Lurrent PH5.7 Weak Acid Dual Block Mild Inorganic Sun Cream 50g SPF50+ PA++++ Blue light Shield


PH5.7 Weak Acid Dual Block Cream 50g
SPF50+ PA++++ Blue light Shield

-UVA + UVB double UV protection at the same time
-Skin Ph Balance Weak Acid Cream
It helps to balance the skin with a pH of 5.7, similar to a healthy skin condition.
-Good ingredients, mild, non-irritating
UV protection immediately after application!
Hypoallergenic test completed, no eyesore
-No stickiness with a light and refreshing feeling.
-Strong soothing effect for sensitive skin and skin tired from mask troubles
Power of 7 plant extracts (chamomile flower extract, centella asiatica extract, hoejang root extract,
rosemary leaf extract, green tea extract, Spanish licorice root extract, golden extract)
-7 Free & Vegan Certification

[It is good if these people use it.]

-Those who need to watch the monitor all day in the office
-People who watch a lot of content
-Those who hesitate to use sunscreen with sensitive and fragile skin
-Those who are reluctant to use sunscreen due to unnatural whiteness and stickiness

[How to use]

At the last step of skin care, take an appropriate amount of this product
and apply evenly over the area exposed to UV rays and blue light.