LOTTE Ssalrobyeol Penquaz Injeolmi Flavor Pop-fried made with rice (32g X 4EA) x 2EA

Ssalrobyeol Penquaz Injeolmi Flavor
32g x 4EA

A savory and sweet fusion dessert product made with rice crackers,
On the outside, the Injeolmi chocolate coating is wrapped around, and the savory taste of Injeolmi,
the unique flavor of Injeolmi, and the sweetness of chocolate form a fantastic combination.
In the middle of the coated pop-fried chicken, there is a soft Injeolmi cream.
A confectionery that maximizes the soft texture of cream and the aroma of Injeolmi.
-Delicious crispy sand just by listening to the sound
-You can enjoy it more reassuringly with white milk, and as a pop cream with ice cream.