LOTTE [Chefood]Korean Food Uiseong Garlic Ham Stew 450g x3EA Budae-jjigae

LOTTE Chefood Uiseong Garlic Ham Stew 450g

* Plenty of delicious Uiseong Garlic Ham!
* Fresh green onion and bean sprouts!
*Easy storage and consumption!

[How to cook]

How to cook a pot:
Open the product, pour it into a pot, and boil it over high heat for 4 to 5 minutes.
You can also add water to cook according to your preference.
If you boil it for a long time, the salty taste may become strong, so please keep the proper cooking time.
Cooking method:
Put the bag as it is in boiling water, heat it for 3-4 minutes, and serve in a bowl.
There is a risk of the product bursting if you close the lid of the pot when cooking in a bath.
Microwave Recipe:
Open the product, pour it into a microwave-safe container,
cover it with a wrap, and warm it for 4 minutes and 30 seconds (700w standard).