Lognature Brazil Green Propolis +Vitamin E (550mg x 30) x 1/2 Box Nutritional Supplement

Brazil Green Green Propolis Nutritional Supplement
(550mg x 30 Capsules)

Brazilian Green Propolis Extract:
*Green propolis produced in the Minas Gerais area in a highland area over 800m above sea level. There are many trees called Baccaris, and wild bees are created using the sap of this tree. It has a pale yellow green color.
Flavonoid content 17mg
Vitamin E (D-a-Tocopherol) 11mg
It is manufactured in a soft streamlined shape that is easy to roll over with a small capsule size of 550mg per capsule.

[Recommended for these people.]
-People who need antioxidant nutrients
-People who are sensitive to external environment and health care during the season
-Those who want to protect their health from harmful oxygen such as active oxygen
-People who need basic health promotion and maintenance
-Those who want vitality in their lives
-Those who have a lot of work and activities
-Exams who are tired of studying and entrance exams
-A working mom that combines social life and child-rearing
-Middle-aged/elderly people who need health care
Intake Method: Take 1 capsule with water once a day.