[Log Nature]6 Years Red Ginseng Jelly 7+ (20gx14EA) 1Box

[Log Nature]
6 Years Red Ginseng Jelly 7+
(20gx14EA) 1Box
Name of specific saponin present only in ginseng- ginsenosides.
Contains 6 years root of red ginseng extract 7mg
Easy-to-eat jelly ginseng products
All ages available
5 functions of red ginseng

* It is a health functional food that can help blood flow,
memory improvement, and antioxidant through improving immunity,
improving fatigue, and inhibiting platelet aggregation.

Intake Method
1 packet once a day ,After or during meal

How to store
Keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
After opening, it is recommended to be consumed immediately.

Precautions when ingesting

* When taking medicines
(diabetes treatment, blood coagulant), please take the rat.
* For pregnant women, lactating women and children,
please take care.
* If you are allergic to certain ingredients,
please check the name of the ingredients before ingesting.
* Please consult with your doctor before eating
if you are treating a disease.