LLove Dual Ampoule Cream Nourishing Care Light Calming Oil + Bouncing Cream 50ml

Dual Ampoule Cream Nourishing Care Light
Calming Oil & Bouncing Cream

'Skin texture' and'elasticity' care at the same time!
-Lighter, fresher, tighter
* Calming oil to control excess sebum to make skin soft and smooth
-Facial oil that doesn't clog pores because it is quickly absorbed from the skin
and can be used casually for both oily and combination skin.
-It is formulated with non-sticky, plant-based ingredients with smaller particles than pores and ingredients that can supplement linoleic acid,
which is insufficient for oily skin.
-Using eco-friendly soft capsules that dissolve in water.
*Bouncing cream makes light but elastic skin that holds firmly
-Bouncing texture like a plump pudding
It has a solid appearance with no scattering, but it is an inverted texture
that spreads smoothly without bending as soon as it is applied to the skin.
-Skin texture & elasticity care at the same time! Safe ingredient formulation
Centella asiatica extract (590,000ppm)/glyceryl glucoside (13,000ppm), panthenol (10,000ppm),
sunflower seed oil (10,000ppm), xylitol (500ppm)
Applying Cerapresso's patented technology to increase skin absorption rate

[How to use]
-Calming oil
Twist the top of the capsule slightly. (At this time, if you hold the lower part tightly, the contents may splash, so hold it slightly.)
Take it off on the palm of your hand, rub it, and use frictional heat to gently apply it over your face to let it absorb.
Since it is a facial oil, apply it around the eyes, avoiding it.
-Bouncing cream
Take an appropriate amount of cream with the built-in spatula and gently spread along the skin texture for absorption.