Living BBQ Brazier Grill+Hot Pot Pan+Glass Lid MG850 Maximum 250℃,Temperature Setting Dial

BBQ Brazier Grill + Hot Pot Pan + Glass Lid Full Set MG850

Grill at home/camping/outdoor with a universal BBQ

* Reduce smoke while cooking
*Maximum 250℃, temperature setting dial
* Drawer type grease tray, easy separate cleaning
* Moisture supply, moist heat dissipation, open tray
There is a built-in open tray to receive oil dripping when cooking.
Filling the open tray with water generates steam to keep food moist and nutritious.
It is easy to remove and can be cleaned hygienically.
*2 heating plates, high efficiency heating
The design of two high-efficiency stainless steel heating plates and reflectors of up to 850W,
250℃ concentrates on food heating, and can reach high temperatures effectively and quickly even with low power.
*Exclusive hot pot plate, various dishes available
*Double heat shield and lower heat outlet

Rated voltage:220~240V/60Hz
Power consumption:780~930W
Temperature range: 100℃~250℃
Weight: 3.6kg