[Alive LAB] Cotton Candy Ball 50ml Keratin Pad Blackhead Dead Skin Care Softly Like Cotton Candy

Alive Lab Cotton Candy Ball 50ml 
Keratin Pad

Blackhead & dead skin care softly like cotton candy

Cotton Candy Ball is a glycolic acid extracted from sweet sugar cane that manages dark blackheads and hard dead skin cells.
Even when you need corrective makeup, you can remove one and use it for dead skin care + skin care at the same time.

[Recommended for these people.]
-Those who want to manage the skin that has become dirty with blackheads and dead skin cells
-Those who are looking for a blackhead & dead skin care product made of mild material with sensitive skin
-Those who want to remove the fluffy and condensed makeup and want a soft, clean makeup like the first time.
-Those who are worried about a lot of luggage to pack all the cosmetics of various stages during the trip

[How to use ]
Gently wipe off your skin before makeup or after washing your face in the evening.
It is effective if you use it once every 2-3 days.