[Like Im 5]Healing Oil Balm 85g Dissolves Smoothly At Body Temperature Absorb Nutrients Effectively


Like I'm Five Healing Oil Balm 85g

Moisturizing care with mostly creams or lotions

Hydrating skin-I have cream but no moisture.
Keratin skin-I've got lotion right away.

Just apply one healing oil balm to your cream or lotion.

The difference is immediately noticeable when only creams or
lotions are applied and when the healing oil balm is "coated" together.

A firm skin moisturizer that gives your skin one more thanks

Moisturizing Avocado Oil & Shea Butter
Transformer oil balm with oil at night

Unlike the skin of an adult,
the skin of a child does not prevent evaporation of moisture well,
and it dries quickly even if a lotion is applied.

To protect your skin, moisturizing membranes are also needed on the skin's surface to keep moisture from running away!
Check for powerful moisturizing with healing oil balm.

** When it is steamed,it transforms into a non-sticky, instant oil.
The unique formulation that dissolves smoothly at body temperature alone helps to absorb nutrients effectively.

It contains plenty of nutritious avocado, olive, grape seed oil and shea butter and spreads widely on the skin with only a small amount.
It creates a moisturizing film on the skin of dry and dry skin,
preventing moisture evaporation and absorbing nutrients to keep the skin moisturized for a long time.

* It is not easy to remove by hand, but in a tube, so you can use it easily and hygienically.
The one-touch cap makes it easy to open with one hand, making it ideal for traveling or carrying around on a regular basis.

Healing oil balm honey tips to match any skin:

-Apply essence, cream, lotion, etc. and finish with oil balm for longer moisturizing!
-Apply to moisturized areas such as elbows, knees and heels for moist skin!
-Blend with foundation to prevent makeup from popping up on your skin all day long!
-Apply to dry and irritated nails or toenails to clean up your silky cuticles!
-Apply frequently to cracked and damaged hair ends for smooth hair!
-Gently oozes baby's massage with mother's skin!

How to store

Store it in a cool place as it is sensitive to temperature enough to dissolve easily in body temperature.

Healing oil balm is 74% filled with very high oil content.
It excludes the chemical components that make the formulation hard, and makes it only mild, making it very sensitive to temperature.
Oil separation is a common phenomenon in chestnut formulations.
There is nothing wrong with the product itself.

** When temperature is low
In cold winters or at low temperatures, if the contents do not harden well,
immerse the product in warm water for a while or gently touch it under running warm water before use.

** When the temperature is high
The contents may be thinned, so keep them in a cool place and use them.

** When granules come out
Occasionally, granular contents can be found, but oil particles agglomerate with temperature changes, not foreign matter!
When stored in a cool place, it will return to its original formulation, so use it with peace of mind (similar to coconut oil).