Light Sokcha barley coffee powder tea 2.5g x 15EA

Light Sokcha 2.5g x 15 sachets
Light tea with Sokcha v V Line v Light tea to drink Sokcha

- If there is a moonball every morning
-If you can't live without late night food
-If you are sensitive to caffeine
-If fresh water is not tasty and it is difficult to drink
* Light barley coffee powder tea Sokcha
- Roast the barley until dark brown and grind the roasted barley in the same way as coffee beans.
It is a deliciously concentrated barley extract, dried and then powdered for easy consumption.
-Bitter taste and aroma similar to general coffee beans, crema that rises like freshly brewed coffee
- Coffee substitute tea in powder form that easily dissolves in water without brewing like a tea bag

*4 key ingredients
-Orzo (barley coffee)
It is similar to coffee in that it forms a deep aroma and crema.
- Merlot
- Centella asiatica extract
-Additional ingredients: burdock, red bean, sweet pumpkin, corn beard, bromelain
* No added color, fragrance, or preservative
* 100% blend of only 9 ingredients
* Since it is a powder type, you can consume all the ingredients that are good for your body.
* Rich in dietary fiber

[How to eat deliciously]

Take it twice a day, depending on your preference.
- If you like hot, you can drink 1 packet of Sokcha in hot water.
-If you like iced tea, you can drink it with water + ice.
-If you want to drink it thickly, add 1 pack of Sokcha to 300ml of water and drink.
-If you want to eat it softly, add 1 pack of Sokcha to 500ml of water and drink.