[LIFE SUM] EasyClick Multi-Tap 4-hole 1.5M High Capacity Up To 3000W,Safety Grounding Pin

LIFE SUM EasyClick Multi-Tap 4-hole 1.5M

* Easy one-touch button
Do not unplug the cord, just press it.
Separate button for each outlet
*High capacity up to 3000W
*Integrated power switch
Completely cuts off standby power consumption even without using the product.
*Anti-slip pad-It is a non-slip fabric at the bottom of the matie tab, minimizing the movement of the multi-tap, enabling stable use.
*Can be used with confidence
-Safety grounding pin: Each individual plug has a safety grounding pin designed to prevent electric shock due to electric leakage.
-Safety protective cover: It works only when plugs are inserted into both sides of the insertion port at the same time to prevent electric shock.
*Overload blocking device
In case of overload, the cut-off switch pops up and the power is cut off automatically.
After turning off the power, wait about 5 minutes, then press the overload cutoff switch and the integrated power switch in order to use.
* Made of fire retardant PC material that is safer against fire.
*3c x1.5㎡ thick wire rolling
*7mm thick brass pin
Brass pins with stable thickness are used even at high currents.
* Built-in 4-hole outlet

-Make sure to check the power consumption (w) written on the home appliance you are using.
-Please set the sum of the maximum power of 4 balls to 3000w or less.
-For stable use, use the power of the halgu with less than 2000w.
** Large household appliances (refrigerator, standing air conditioner, washing machine, etc.) cannot be used.