[Life Promise]Drink Sprout Barley From Pure Jeju [4gx20 packets] Rich In Dietary Fiber,Potassium V.C

Drink sprout barley from Pure Jeju [4gx20 packets]

-Sprout barley from 100% pure Jeju
What is sprout barley: A sprout barley is a sprout that grows about 15~20cm after sowing in Donggali.
It is also called "Sprout barley" and "Barley sprout", and contains various nutrients.

Contains 1,310ug of beta-carotene [per 100g]
Contains potassium, beta-carotene, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, etc.
-Core ingredients of sprout barley
GABA, 10 amino acids, chlorophyll-chlorophyll, luteolin, 12 minerals, policosanol,
8 vitamins, 8 essential amino acids, saponaline, dietary fiber, polyphenol

-Drink barley formulation for optimal effect
Sprout barley powder, bromelain, lemon juice powder, broccoli extract powder,
green tea extract powder, pineapple juice powder, corn beard extract powder, merrilot extract powder.

-Individual packaging with simplicity
4000mg per pack, 1 pack lightly once a day, eat rice and drink with water
-No additives: No artificial coloring, no synthetic preservatives, no preservatives, no fragrances, no sugar

[How to take]
Mix lightly with water and enjoy.
Mix it like a convenience meal with milk & soy milk.
Sprinkle it with yogurt like a topping.
Serve in a variety of salads or dishes.

[Recommended for these people]
-Those who enjoy instant meat such as meat
-Those who want to manage while eating something delicious
-Those who frequent irregular meals and eating out
-Those who want to promote health through balanced health management
-Those who frequently eat high-calorie, fatty foods
-Those who lack vegetables and fruits