[Life promise] Relaxation-V Line Tea 2.2g x 20 packets (1Box For 20 Days) x2Box

Relaxation-V Line Tea 2200mg x 20 packets (for 20 days)


1L per day, simple and delicious 2L habit

* Raw materials containing 100% natural ingredients (beet, moringa, pumpkin, hibiscus, red beans, oolong)
* Environmental hormones, micro plastics,'biodegradable filter' without worry
*16.5cm long tea bag thread is OK for tumblers and takeaway cups without any discomfort!
*No chemicals, synthetic excipients, pigments, fragrances or preservatives.
*59°C low temperature drying with minimal nutrient destruction

[How to drink]
Cool-Don't worry about cool water & tepid water.
Hot-Don't worry about 3 minutes in warm water.
Tip-If you put a V-line tea bag in a 500ml~2L water bottle before going to sleep and keep it refrigerated,
you can enjoy it more conveniently the next day.