[LG Household Health Care] Retune Kids Probiotics 2g x 28EA Cotains Minerals And Zinc

[LG Household & Health Care]

Retune Kids Probiotics
2g x28EA

* For children intestinal health,
Contains 5 living complex lactic acid bacteria
A combination of 6 billion complex lactic acid bacteria that play different roles,
and the number of effective bacteria is 100 million.
* Contains minerals and zinc necessary for normal immune function of children!
Contains 100% of the daily nutritional standard
*Enriched with auxiliary ingredients
Contains chicory extract powder and vegetable lactic acid bacteria (caemic bacteria) as auxiliary ingredients
*More delicious with sweet and sour grape & berry flavor!
*No addition principle
Flavoring, coloring, and excipients (silicon dioxide) are excluded.
*One pack per day, easy intake to keep your intestines healthy!

[Recommended for such a person]

-Children who need intestinal health
-Children who need normal immune function
-Children with uneven bowel movements
-Children with uneven diet or irregular eating habits
-Children who consume less vegetables and frequently eat meat-oriented meals
-Children who have difficulty in taking capsule-type probiotics
-Children who need to take probiotics of various strains

[How to take]
Take 1 packet per day. (Intake without water)
Recommended on an empty stomach before breakfast.
If you are taking medicine, we recommend that you consult your doctor before taking the product.
Recommended for consumption over 2 years of age.