Lets Me Super Probiotics Platinum Lactobacillus( 2g x 30 Packs) x 3 Boxes

Let's Me
Super Probiotics Platinum Lactobacillus
2g x 30 Packs 

-19 kinds of live lactic acid bacteria are responsible for the health of the intestines of our family.
-4,000,000,000 Cfu lactobacillus input per bag
100,000,000 Cfu lactobacillus guaranteed
-Contains patented kimchi lactic acid bacteria
-Durabac coating technology applied
The safety of lactic acid bacteria was improved by applying a secondary coating technology that minimizes damage to freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria.
-Contains various auxiliary ingredients
Prebiotics, colostrum protein, xylitol, D-sorbitol, vitamin C, B1 enzyme mixture powder, chicory extract powder, fruit mixture concentrate powder, zinc oxide, vegetable mixture concentrate powder, whey calcium.
[Please enjoy various and delicious.]

Take once a day, 1 packet at a time.
-Pour the powder into your mouth and melt it before ingestion.
-Mix with milk and juice to consume.
-Take it with snacks and desserts.