Lemona Pink , skin vitamin 2g x 30 sachets Twice Edition

Skin Vitamin Lemona Pink
2g x 30 sachets

Moisturizes the skin, replenishes moisture, moisturizes the skin, and provides antioxidants all at once!
-Hyaluronic acid 120mg (Moisturizes dry skin)
-Contains vitamin C
- 14 kinds of auxiliary ingredients
Milk Ceramide, Fish Collagen, Pumpkin Concentrate Powder
Organic agaveinulin, L-cysteine, zinc gluconate, snail extract powder, N-acetylglucosamine,
aloe vera gel, dry yeast, vitamin B1, B2, pantothenic acid, biotin
-Sweet and sweet blueberry flavor
* In the morning and evening, before skin care, before going to bed,
apply one pack of pink care to revitalize the ping part.

[How to take]
Once a day, take 1 sachet at a time.