LEBODY Shape High Frequency Massager

LeBody Shape High Frequency Massager

High Frequency Massage + Complex Medium Frequency Massage
- 6 levels of intensity control
It can be used safely according to the user's condition
because the intensity can be adjusted from 1 to 6 steps.
- Optimal grip
It is easy to carry and can be used without time and space restrictions.
-MF, RF mode
Supports 2 types of MF and RF modes
(Starting from the mid-frequency stage 1, starting from the high-frequency stage 6)
-biotechnical design
With an ergonomic design that considers the grip,
it can be used in close contact with even curves.

[How to use]

Apply the cream to the area to be used.
Press and hold the power button for more than 3 seconds to turn on the power.
When changing from MF mode (medium frequency) to RF mode, press the button.
Intensity adjustment (Steps 1 to 6): Adjust the intensity by pressing the - button or the + button.
MF Mode: Use it while resting it on the area to be used.
RF mode: If a touch is not detected at first, no output is generated,
so please press the touch sensor to use it. (Start from step 6)
When finished, press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off the power.
(There is an automatic time-off function and turns off after 10 minutes.)