LEBODY FORM / Multi-Medium Frequency Abdominal Massager

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Multi-Medium Frequency Abdominal Massager

A body care beauty device that helps to maintain a resilient body with electric power,
and helps to smooth out a body that is troubled with bumps
- 1000Hz~10,000Hz multi-medium frequency
- Equipped with light sensor
Safe use with a light sensing center
-6 step intensity control
Step 1~6 intensity adjustment according to the conditions of use
- Optimal grip
It can be used without time and space restrictions due to its light and convenient portability.
-2 modes supported
Post-exercise care in gym mode
Powerful intensive management with Slim mode
- 630 Red LEDs
Irradiating close to the skin with a safe low-power light beam
It can be irradiated close to the skin and there is less risk of burns compared to high-power LEDs.
- Wider stimulation point
Effectively cares for large areas, ergonomic design allows for multiple areas as well!

[How to use]

Apply the cream to the area to be used.
Press and hold the power button for more than 2 seconds to turn on the power.
When changing from GYM mode to SLIM mode, press the Mode button.
Intensity adjustment (steps 1 to 6): Press the < or > button to adjust the intensity
Apply gently to the area to be used (no rubbing required)
* There is a sensor in the center, so when it falls on the skin,
it makes a beep sound and stops the motion.
When finished, press and hold for 2 seconds or more to turn off the power.
Rating: DC 3.7V, 1.8A (battery)