Lapog dog mouth odor removal core dental chew / dog dental gum 22g x 10EA

dog mouth odor removal core dental chew 22g

-Reduce bad breath 93%, oral antibacterial effect 99.9%
-Allergy care with 100% Korean Insect Specialist 'Dongae Deungae' Insect Protein
-Only safe ingredients, 6 bad ingredients out!
Antibiotic Free, Gluten Free, GMO Free, By-Product Free, No Fragrance, No Color
-Core design for dog teeth
It is designed to suppress mutans bacteria and remove the main cause of bad breath when the dog's teeth touch the Lapog core.
*Core component
Chitosan, peppermint, probiotics, spirulina, green tea, kelp, chlorella, SHMP

[Feed method]
- If you do not eat Lapog Core Dental Chew, cut it into a size suitable for nose work and feed it.
(If it's your first time seeing it, it may be because the taste and size are awkward.)
-If the child swallows without chewing well, hold it with your hand so that it can be chewed evenly.
The more evenly chewed, the better the oral care effect.
Lafogg Core Dental Chew uses human-grade human-grade raw materials, so it can be fed to cats as well.
*Store in a cool and dry place.
* Serve as soon as possible after opening, and keep refrigerated if possible.
*Please feed to pets over 2 months of age.