[Lamp Cook] Automatic Rotating Pot Ceramic Coating ingredients are turned over automatically

Lamp Cook Automatic Rotating Pot

When roasting or boiling various food materials,
the convenience of various cooking is greatly improved by using the rotational power of the motor,
and an open/closed auxiliary lid is provided to prevent the input of food ingredients or overflow during cooking.

*Auto rotation function
- Ceramic coating, zero harmful substances

*Drive handle
By rotating the rotating rod with one touch, the material is evenly turned over so that it does not burn or stick. The motor can be rotated by batteries.

*Rotating wing
The ingredients are turned over automatically together with the rotating rod, so you can cook quickly without burning food.

*Auxiliary cover
Water and juice can be preserved by not opening the main cover, and clean cooking is possible without splashing.

*Oil outlet
Oil and impurities are discharged, making it possible to cook hygienically

*Stainless steel
Can be cooked in any heat source such as induction, halogen, gas stove.

Precautions before purchase
Lampcook auto-rotating pot can be used in any heat source, such as a range, induction, and highlight with an oil stopper.

However, it is difficult to discharge oil from a home built-in electric stove with a close floor.

* The rotating silicone rod is detachable and uses large materials such as grilling, and it is cooked well when the silicone rod is removed. Soft dishes such as porridge or curry can be cooked with a silicone stick.

* Battery can be used x2 AA batteries. If the rotation speed is slow, you can replace the battery in advance.

* Be sure to remove the drive motor (motor with batteries) when cleaning.
* The steam hole on the lid is a device that controls the pressure of the product.