[Lador]La-Pause Marine Tok Bubble mask 100ml Carbonated Pack Pore Care Moisturizing Maintenance


La Pause Marine Tok Bubble Mask 100ml

Carbonated pack/ Skin crystallization/ Pore care/
Moisturizing maintenance/ Moisture supply

-Bubble mask for removing waste and firm pore care
-Those who need rough skin, smooth skin texture!
Moisturizing pore care with fine bubbles!
-It is a bubble mask that cleans pores with numerous carbonated bubbles generated when it touches the skin.
-Contains excellent moisturizing ingredients +18 natural oils
-It contracts elongated pores tightly and keeps the skin moisturized.
-Skin oil and moisture balance
Marine energy (plankton extract, skirulina platensis extract, seaweed extract) + sacran + hyaluronic acid

[How to use]

Turn the container in the ON direction and press it to squeeze the contents out.
(Squeeze the contents through the mouth designed to spread thinly and spread evenly on the skin.)
After cleansing, take an appropriate amount in a wet condition and apply thicker over the entire face.
Leave for 3-5 minutes so that the oxygen bubbles rise abundantly.
When rich bubbles come up, gently roll it with your hands and massage, then cleanse your face with lukewarm water to finish.
When storing the bubble mask pack upright, turn it in the OFF direction and lock it before storing!