LabelYoung Shocking Foot Bath Essence 100ml Foot keratin/odor/moisturizing care

Label Young Shocking Foot Bath Essence 100ml

[feature of product ]

-Foot mist for dead skin cells and foot odor care that moisturizes and smoothly manages dry and dead feet
-Oil layer and moisture layer This is a two-layer formulation, with the moisture layer providing moisture to dry and rough feet,
and the oil layer providing nutrients.
-Contains 20,000ppm of onion extract, an ingredient derived from nature that moisturizes the feet that are rough
-Provides a smooth and smooth feeling with a freshly absorbed finish.

[Recommended target]

-Those who want moist and smooth care for rough and dry feet
-Those who are troubled by loose feet such as hard dead skin cells or fluffy dead skin cells
-Those who have sweaty feet and want to keep moist feet dry

How to use

[When used as a foot bath]

Removes foot wastes, alleviates foot odor,
relieves itching and irritation caused by foot drying.

38 ~ 40 degrees in water at a temperature of 5 ~ 8 times the essence of the foot after sprinkling for 15 minutes,
soaked in the foot to help the foot horny, tired and smelly feet helps.

[When used as an essence]

It gives shine to the rough keratinetic foot, foot crack, dry care
Sprinkle evenly on rough and crusty feet, or wrap them in a warm towel after spraying.