Label young Shocking Body Butter Cream 200ml

Labelyoung Body Butter Cream 200ml

It is not just a moisturizing ingredient but only a vegetable oil-based high moisturizing component after cold pressing.

3 times the moisturizing power of conventional butter!

Contains 10 kinds of super moisturizing butter

(Shea butter, calendula butter, aloe butter, cocoa butter, olive butter, palm seed butter, trichy uretica butter, mango seed butter, coffee butter)

  Moisturizes dead skin cells and dryness at the moment of application and fills

with nourishing and moisturizing feelings, providing a high level of moisture that cannot be dried.


1. Sticky no! New butter type with strong moisturizing & silky coating

2. Combination of soft white musk & freesia for 24 hours
3. Available for both young and old