KWAILNARA Face Cleansing Story Germinated Brown Rice Foam Nutrition Care Deep Cleanser 120ml x 5EA

Face Cleansing Story Germinated Brown Rice Foam 120ml

Germinated brown rice is rich in nutrients, helping the skin's metabolism and making the skin shiny.
The oil component in rice bran gives cleansing and moisturizing effects to make the skin clear and moist.
Make-up that erases cleanly even with gentle foam
Deep cleansing with microbubbles
It is a foam cleansing that cleans up impurities deep into pores with fine foam particles,
and allows you to cleanse your downy hair with a soft, rich foam.
There is no irritation, so it is always moisturized even after cleansing!
6 kinds of parabens, no benzophenone-3 added, 7 no
With panthenol and allantoin, it helps to improve the soft skin texture by maintaining the moisture of the skin,
and the rich and soft foam deep cleans not only waste products but also sebum.
It is a texture that feels sticky, and it removes waste products with a soft and rich foam like a fluffy cloud.

[How to use]

When washing your face, take an appropriate amount of the product to create a lather and gently roll it on your face.
Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.