[Krave Beaty]Kale Lalu yAHA 200ml x 2EA Hypoallergenic Exfoliant Wipe Like Skin No Need To Wash Off


Contains 5.25% AHA, hypoallergenic exfoliant

Smooth skin texture improvement

Hypoallergenic AHA

*New skin just wipe like skin
Keilaruya hypoallergenic AHA exfoliant
Keilaruya removes dead skin cells from the skin surface and promotes skin turnover

** skin exfoliation, gentle several times!
It is much less irritating to the skin to do it gently several times than to remove the dead skin cells several times.

* AHA exfoliant used as toner
In the first step after cleansing, apply Keilaruya to the cotton pad and wipe your face gently.
If you are new to AHA, or if you have sensitive skin, you can mix it with a serum and mix it with Calaruya for a smooth fit.

* Soft feeling without irritation
Unlike scrubs that physically exfoliate the dead skin, Keilaruya is much less irritating to the skin because the 5.25% AHA component chemically releases the dead skin cells and gently removes them.

* Easy to wash away

Easy to use, no need to wash off after use.
After removing keratin with keilaruya, if you use ampoule, the absorption will be increased and the effect of ampoule will be increased.

* It's milder than a scrub.
The coarse particles of the scrub are not a great exfoliating effect,
but rather a physical stimulus to the skin. You can get skin texture.

How to use

1. Start on a day with good skin condition, and on the day when the skin is sensitive, avoid menstruation Jeonju.
2. Once a week, use a mixture of kale lujah with serum or moisture cream
3. When skin feels adjusted to keilaruya, after cleansing 2-3 times a week, apply keilaruya to cotton pad and apply to face except eyes.
4.Always adjust skin condition and intervals as needed.
5. Continue applying sunscreen.