[Krave Beaty]Beet The Sun Lotion 50mlx2EA SPF50+ PA++++ Easily Spreads Like Essence Low Stimulation


Healthy antioxidant suncare cream that you want to apply daily.

Antioxidant Beet Sun Care Protects Stressed Skin

Moisture moisture
Whiteness-free / antioxidant / oil tea

* Moist and greasy, fresh essence formulations apply lightly and are easily absorbed,
leaving the skin moist and smooth.

1. Easily spreads like essence, but excellent UV protection

As the essence is applied, it is a moist and fresh formula
that is applied easily without any whitening phenomenon,
so you do not have to tap hard to absorb the sunscreen,
and it protects you from ultraviolet rays with the blocking index SPA 50 +, PA ++++.

2.Makeup sunscreen
It gives the skin a smooth look, so you can apply the makeup base just by applying sunscreen, and you can feel the makeup well.

3. No stimulation with less stimulation than low stimulation
By analyzing all 25 organic tea ingredients, we use only mild organic tea ingredients with low irritation,
and have been tested as a non-irritating product that can be used by sensitive skin testers who have not used organic tea.

How to use

1. Squeeze about 2 fingers of beat bite.
2. Instead of applying it all at once, apply it evenly evenly over the face with a feeling of layering it several times
3. Apply carefully without forgetting the neck, especially the back neck!
4. Carry the beat the sun every 2 hours. (Tip: If you have done makeup, apply the beat the sun on the makeup with cushion puff.)