[KOVEA] 3Way All In One OL(M) Hot Pot Pan,BBQ Grill, And Outdoor Stove

[KOVEA] 3Way All In One OL(M)

Multi-stove with 3 functions including hot pot pan, BBQ grill, and outdoor stove

You can enjoy a variety of dishes such as samgyeopsal,
shabu-shabu, and grilled clams because the oil stopper can be attached to the hot pot pan.
If you use the bowl stand, you can also cook using a pot or frying pan.
Size :430 x 212 x238 mm (inner box)
Material: Frying pan-fluorine index coating, grill mesh-stainless steel
Ignition method: Piezoelectric automatic ignition (one-touch method)
Gas used: 220g of butane gas