KOREAN Tea Cheonho Encare Pear Bellflower TEA (10ml x 30P) Added jujube quince concentrate

Cheonho Encare Daily Vitality
Pear Bellflower TEA

(10ml x 30P)

The deep flavor of bellflower and the sweetness of pears are put in one stick.
If it's a stuffy day, try adding freshness with one bag of baedorajicheong sticks.
-Using 100% Korean bellflower
-The bitter taste of bellflower is DOWN! The sweetness of the stomach is UP!
-Added jujube concentrate and quince concentrate

[How to drink]

1-2 times a day,
-You can drink it with a bite as it is.
-You can drink it in warm water and drink it as a substitute for tea.
[Recommended for these people]
-Those who want to easily take care of their health with 1 packet per day
-Those who want to eat bellflower and pears simply and deliciously every day
-Those who care about health care during the season
-Those who use a lot of neck due to the nature of their occupation
-People who often feel frustrated
-Those who hate the bitter taste of bellflower
-Those who have a lot of outdoor activities