Dr. Well Body Crane-Waist Guard / Back Pain,Transverse abdominal muscle DR-270

Dr. Well Body Crane Waist Guard

With 13 patented two-way pulleys, it instantly wraps up strong and soft to support your waist.
Comfortable waist in everyday life,
Supporting device that compresses and fixes the lower back
The back is supported by a wide back support
Excellent support by adjusting the strength and weakness-The waist is stable and the strength and
weakness can be easily adjusted as desired, and the support of the waist is excellent.
Mesh fabric lining.
Easy detachable use by pulling Velcro

[Recommended for these people.]

-Office workers sitting in chairs every day
-Professional workers who use a lot of waist

[How to use]

-Loosen the control loop.
-Place the lower back and wrap it.
-Fix the Velcro on both sides.
-Pull the waist adjustment pull handle.

Waist size
S: 25-30 inches
M: 30-35 inches
L: 35-40 inches
XL: 40-45 inches


-Do not use it too tightly, but use it according to the waist area.
-Please use a product that fits your waist size.
-Be sure to loosen the waist guard when going to bed.
-Do not store in a place exposed to direct sunlight.
Do not wash in hot water above -30℃.
-Do not squeeze or twist when washing.