Korean Snack Bebe Cook Dry Sweet Potato 60g x3EA

Bebe Cook
Sweet Potato Dry 60g

Sweet potato snacks for infants and children
-100% Korean sweet potato, bite-sized soft texture
-Dried food that has been slowly dried for a long time to enhance its original taste
has a deep taste and aroma without any other additives.
-No synthetic additives added
No synthetic fragrance, synthetic color, or synthetic sweetener added
-Small size
Raw snacks for children
-Nutrition snacks for pregnant women
Simple, safe and pure nutritious snack
* You can eat more softly by turning it in the microwave for 10~20 seconds.
*The black color sometimes seen on the product is the skin
or fibrous tissue of the sweet potato, so you can eat it.
*The white powder on the surface of the dried fruit can be eaten
because the sugar of the sweet potato seeps out.