Korean Rice Wine Cleansing 3Set Scalp Shampoo 500ml+ Scalp Treatment 500ml+Moisture Clenser 150ml


Rice Wine Cleanser 3Set

Light and clear skin, clean scalp, healthy scalp,
and Rice Wine cleanser using Rice Wine yeast (3 types for dry and oily use)

Rice wine scalp shampoo 500ml
Rice wine scalp treatment 500ml
Rice wine moisture Cleanser 150ml

Highly functional cleansing made from yeast derived from homemade rice wine.

*Traditional yeast and rice, natural.
*Shampoo/Treatment: Creates healthy scalp condition and provides rich nutrition to hair.
*Face (Moisture Cleanser): Rice extract gives whitening, moisturizing effect and skin soothing effect.
*No additives of 6 ingredients: artificial colors, parabens, benzophenones, sulfates, silicon, mineral oils