[Korean Ginseng] Honey Red Ginseng Stick 10g x 30 Packs x2EA (2 Box)

Honey Red Ginseng Stick 10g x 30 Packs 1 Box

Add honey to red ginseng
It contains 4% domestically produced honey, which sweetly complements the bitter taste of red ginseng.
Domestic 6-year-old red ginseng concentrate (contains more than 60% solid content and more than 70mg/g of red ginseng ingredients
Fresh ginseng produced in Geumsan is cleaned, steamed, cooked,
and then dried red ginseng is gently extracted with a concentrated solution to give a rich and deep taste.
Jujube, Angelica, Cheongung, Sukjihwang, Baekbokryeong, Hwanggi, Gogija, and Youngji mushrooms were carefully inspected and contained.
Stick pouch, added convenience, can be easily consumed anywhere, anytime.

Intake Method: Take 1 packet (10g) once a day, once a day.