[Korean Ginseng] Agarwood Ginseng Pills 3.75g x30 pills

[Korean ginseng]
Goryeo Agarwood Ginseng pills 3.75g x30 pills

Agarwood that has been condensed for a long time contains 20 auxiliary ingredients.
-Cham Angelica (domestic), dermis (domestic), peony, licorice, cheongoong, sukjihwang, sapju root stem, astragalus, cinnamon, schisandra, cornus milk, raw paper, red ginseng, antlers, spec honey (domestic), maca root powder, taurine, Freeze-dried royal jelly powder, grape seed oil, grapefruit seed extract, etc., were thoroughly inspected, washed, and placed in one pill.

5% Agarwood powder

Agarwood is one of the three major scents since ancient times,
and it is a precious raw material that is made by hardening the resin collected to heal wounds on trees over hundreds of years and thousands of years.

Intake Method: Chew once a day, one tablet (3.75g) once a day on an empty stomach.