Korean Food Sampyo Spicy pork Jangjorim 90g x6EA Korean side dishes

Sampyo Spicy pork Jangjorim 90g 

It is a jangjorim made by adding spicy flavor to shredded pork with chopped green pepper.

-Only 100% Korean pork and quail eggs are used
-You can feel the spicy taste neatly by adding chopped chilli pepper to jangjorim.
-You can enjoy the soup even more by adding the spiciness with Cheongyang pepper extract.

It is necessary in this case.
-When you want to eat a bowl of rice properly even with a small amount of ingredients
Just rub it with the rice and you don’t need any other side dishes!
Put it on the rice and use it in various ways not only for rice bowls,
but also for tofu sushi, kimbap, and rice balls.