Korean Food [Our Home] Instant Soup Beef Seaweed/Hwangtae Haejangguk/Spicy Yukgaejang 300g x 4EA

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Our Home Thick Beef Bone Soup 300g

It was selected with 100% bone bone. (Based on extract)
Deeper and deeper taste with high temperature pressure method.
Used as a base soup (rice cake soup, kimchi stew, etc.)

Our Home Light Beef Seaweed Soup 300g

Using boiled Yangji broth.
Beef with a soft texture by applying the sous vide method.
Use of soft seaweed from Wando, Namhae.

Our Home Dried pollack soup 300g
Thickly Wet Hwangtae Broth
Roasted yellow pollack in a direct flame
Fresh vegetables directly selected (bean sprouts, green pepper, radish)

Our Home Spicy Yukgaejang 300g
Broth grown with 100% ethmoid bone (based on ethmoid extract)
Soft beef, shredded in texture
Stir-fry garlic, red pepper powder, etc. with beef oil in a direct flame cooker for a more spicy taste.
Contains soft taro stalks boiled and largely chopped green onions.

Our Home Spicy Pork Kimchi Stew 300g
Boiled pork bone broth
The aged paper and vegetables roasted directly in a direct fire pot.
Use of low-temperature aged pork