Korean Food Jeong Gyeong-a Ginger Jocheong 550g /250g Ginger Tea Contain 50% Ginger


Jeong Gyeong-a Ginger Jocheong 550g /250g

-Over 50% domestic ginger juice, 80Brix or more.
-Using a natural digestive agent and malt, it has a sweet taste.

-How to take
*Every day after meals, drink 1/2 spoon 3 times a day.
*You can also drink it with hot water and steamed ginger powder as ginger tea.
* It is delicious even if you eat it with rice cake or spread it on bread.
* Add various nuts to make gangjeong.
* When making jerky, apply ginger jocheong and eat it.
*Can be used instead of ginger and sugar when measuring meat or cooking fish.
* Make black bean stalks.
(Put out the stomach, put black beans or bean sprouts,
and a spoonful of ginger jocheong to keep warm in an electric rice cooker for 8 hours)