Korean Food [Big Mama] Secret coin complex seasoning food broth soup 4g x 20 tablets

[Big Mama]
Secret coin complex seasoning food
4g x 20 tablets

very comfortable as it is with its natural taste
New Year's holiday rice cake soup broth,
simple broth, camping and home natural seasoning master

One pill of Secret Coin makes the soup taste like a chef.

What kind of ingredients did it contain?

It contains 18 kinds of fresh natural ingredients such as anchovies,
clams, bonito, dipori, shrimp, and seaweed in one grain.
Can be used for all dishes.
No flavoring agents, emulsifiers and preservatives added
Individually packaged and can be used cleanly

[How to cook]
If you put a grain of secret coin in 350ml of water and eat it, a delicious broth is completed.