Korean Food BEBEST First Calcium Churus-Vegetable Flavor (6.5g x 7EA) 45.5g x 5EA For babies

First Calcium Churus-Vegetable Flavor 45.5g

-Refrain from artificial taste based on natural taste.
-Nutrition design according to the child's growth stage
-Contains calcium good for bone health!
-Healthy kid snacks made with Korean rice, brown rice, and Korean vegetables!
-Non-fried, made with heat and pressure, and tastes light and healthy
-There are few confectionery crumbs, so it is easy for children to hold and eat.
-It is a snack made with non-sweet, delicious Greek yogurt and fruit, so even children can enjoy it.
-It is not hard and melts in the mouth, so even first-time children can eat it casually.