Korean 6 years Red Ginseng Extract 365 240g x 2 /4 Bottles

Korean Red Ginseng Extract 365 365 days a year!

Using Korean red ginseng for 6 years, the unique taste and aroma of red ginseng is excellent!
Health functional food using red ginseng concentrate and Youngji mushroom, sesame seed, wormwood, and motherwort.

[I recommend these to you.]

Modern people tired of busy life
People who want to maintain healthy health
People who often feel tired in everyday life
Those who are looking for a gift of gratitude
People who do a lot of physical consumption

[Intake method]
Drink 2 tablespoons (11g) in cold and hot water using the spoon (1spoon:5.5g) enclosed 3 times a day.

Composition ratio of raw ginseng: red ginseng root (domestic) 70%, red ginseng rice (domestic) 30%,
plant mixture concentrate (solid content 70% or more) 58%
Composition ratio of plant-concentrated concentrate: 9% of jujube (domestic), 9% persimmon ear (root, domestic),
9% kudzu root (root, domestic), shovel (stem removal stem), peony (root), astragalus (root), bokryeong (Bacterial), Youngji mushroom