KOREA Silicon Cupping Vacuum Therapy Massage 7P/14P/4P Set Full Body Massage /Cupping Massage


silicon cupping machine manual type

-Improve blood circulation by using negative pressure, manual cupping machine.
-Use of soft silicone that is less irritating to the human body.
-Strong suction power, one-touch pressure in places where blood circulation is not smooth!
-Light and convenient to carry.

[How to use]

-Press the handle all the way over.
-Press on the area to be attached and press with both hands
-It is firmly adsorbed.
-Check the strong adsorption power.
-When finished, press the cupping spigot with your hand and remove it from one side.
*How to disinfect before and after use: Soak in boiling water at 100℃ for 10 seconds and remove.

* 7 manual cupping machines (1 bottle)
Composition: Cupping (6.5cm) 5EA,+ Cupping (5cm) 2EA,+ 1 Case
* 14 manual cupping machines (2 bottles)
Composition: Cupping (6.5cm) 10EA,+ Cupping (5cm) 4EA,+ 2 Case
*4 manual big cupping machines
Composition: 4 cupboards (10cm) + 1 pouch.