Korea Red Ginseng Good Days Premium Stick 12g x 30 Packs cotains Crneate Lespedeza

Korea Red Ginseng
Red Ginseng Good Days Premium
12g x 30 Packs

It contains 100% domestic red ginseng and domestic premium ingredients
so that you can easily and conveniently eat it anytime, anywhere in a single pack, stick type,
and all nutrition is carefully packed in one bag.

Lespedeza daurica
(It is rich in substances such as tanim and polyphenols,it helps in health care in all seasons.) Added.

No artificial coloring, premium raw material blend

Ingredients name and content: Red ginseng concentrate (Korean) [saponin 70mg or more, solid content 60% or more] 10%, vegetable mixture concentrate [(solid content 40% or more)], Lespedeza daurica (Korean) 27.5%,
Cheongung (Korean) 10%, Thistle (Domestic) 10%, Cornus, Gugija, Bokbunja, Angelica, Peony, Licorice, etc.

[How to take]
Adults take once a day, 1 packet.
It is recommended to consume 1/2 packet for 3 days under the age of 15.