[Korea Eundan]High dose VitaminC1000 1080mg x120/180/300/600/720T For Male/Female ★NO.1seller


Korean Eundan Vitamin C


* 1st Korea Vitamin

* Use only UK vitamin C raw material

*Vitamin C from European corn

-Used as a coenzyme of various enzyme reactions in the body,

it is involved in the synthesis of collagen, a major protein constituting

connective tissues such as skin, bone bran, blood vessels, cartilage, etc.

-It is an essential nutrient that helps the absorption of vegetable iron that is not bound to hemoglobin.

-Needed to protect cells from harmful oxygen

I recommend this one.

Tired of repetitive everyday life and want to find vitality

Stressful office workers due to frequent night shifts

Those who cannot eat nutritious balanced meals

Unbalanced nutrition due to inadequate intake of fruits and vegetables


1,080mg x 120 tablets (129.6g) (for 4 months)
1,080mg x 180 tablets (194.4g) (for 6 months)
1,080mg x 300 tablets (324g) (for 10 months)
1,080mg x600 tablets (648g) (for 20 months)
1,080mg x720 tablets (777.6g)(for 24 months)

[Product Type]

Nutrition Supplement (Vitamin C Supplement)


[Raw material name and content]

Vitamin C mixture (vitamin C, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose),

calcium stearate, calcium carboxymethyl cellulose, silicon dioxide


[Intake and Intake Method]

Once a day, 1 tablet once a day, eat with water to eat after meals.

[Storage Precautions]

Keep out of direct sunlight and store in a cool place.

-This product discolors and discolors quickly when exposed to high humidity, sunlight or heat.

-Please eat as soon as possible after opening the silver bag.