[Korea Eundan] premium multi-vitamin C nutritional supplement from UK-- Anytime 2g x 30 pieces 1Box

Korea Eundan
premium multi-vitamin C -- Anytime
nutritional supplement from UK

-Vitamin C plus Vitamin D, Biotin and Zinc Anytime.
[British Vitamin C-500mg, Swiss Vitamin D-10ug (400IU), Folic Acid 400ug, German Zinc 8.5mg, French Biotin 30ug, Pantothenic Acid 500mg]
-Made with premium European ingredients and using British vitamin C ingredients made from corn harvested in nature.
-Pocket-type powdered vitamin C that is easy to carry and eat
[How to take]
Dissolve 1 packet (2g) in your mouth and consume once a day.